On our yard we have 9 specially designed miniature horse stables that accommodate miniature horses with the space they need to relax and compete. With the correct sizing and proper air flow, our stables create a comfortable space for our horses to live in. 

 Hot and cold wash bay equipt with horse dryer and blaster. Linked to the solarium room. 

 The solarium drying room.

Useful for after bathing and warm up for exercising.

 Outdoor lung and school area

Used for everyday lunging, schooling and driving. Fantastic surface of cushion on ride. Brilliant to jump and drive on, it also requires little up keep. 

 Miniature 4 horse walker

Used for quick leg stretches and a way of toning your horse without the excessive work. Easy on the joint of the horse due to it being sat on a surface of cushion on ride.

Our purpose built 7.5t horse box to accommodate 6 miniature horses and can carry show carts as well. 

We have 4 large horse paddocks along with 3 small paddocks that are all fully fences with horse netting and posts.
We also have the use of two all weather turnout areas that are used both summer and winter.